Kylie – Glastonbury

Parts of it felt like a dream and parts of it were full of the most immense pride that kept overwhelming me much as it was trying to be contained . I travelled down to the site with Alli Main on a truly beautiful Sunday morning. Neither of us had been before so the excitement of simply getting to Pilton and then driving to backstage through the incredible sea of tents where people were just waking up from the night before. There was a magic, a kind of peace about the place that I expected but similarly wasn’t emotionally prepared for. The backstage area was a beautiful white tent full of all the acts performing on the Pyramid stage that day. As I wandered from there to side stage the compelling sound of Ladysmith Black Mambazo was serenading the morning sun. I completely got it , why people go , why people go back and why people are so devastated to be missing it this year. On my return I saw the true gentleman and beautiful human that is Nick Cave who had popped by to rehearse his song. The first big outdoor show I had worked on with Kylie was T In The Park and Nick was there for that too so there was a lovely symmetry about it. Following that the always humble and down to earth Chris Martin popped in for a little jam with the band. He’s one of those people that just puts everyone at ease despite being one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. Then it was the wait. The countdown. Everyone gets very quiet and goes into their own worlds. The only sound in the dressing room is Tom , her drummer, playing on practice pads in the corner and KM doing vocal warm ups. There is a serenity about the pre show moments , a grace that can only be felt by the performers. Then before you know it its the legendary “10 minutes to show time, 10 minutes everybody” and the adrenalin kicks in. I wish them all well and disappear into a small BBC sound truck backstage. There is so much for her to express in a short amount of time, we had rehearsed fully for it and everyone was ready. So many hits, so many moments, so many lives being soundtracked by one girl on a stage that afternoon. The biggest crowd of the weekend and the biggest TV audience for Glastonbury ever. We didn’t know that at the time and had nothing to compare it to but if there was ever a moment or a way to heal the hurt of being denied the opportunity of performing the first time around this was definitely it. You can see it all in her expression when she saw the crowd. She had purposely not looked out until that moment and saw ‘the most people she had ever seen in her life” . From then on the masterclass began packing over 30 years of performing into that one set. The band smashed it, the dancers absolutely killed it in sweltering heat as well. All of Rob Sinclair’s genius vision popped perfectly on stage including our nod to our Glastonbury angel David Bowie , every moment of Ashley’s choreography shone alongside the sound , lighting, styling and video. It was an outpouring of love and joy on a level I have never witnessed before towards a girl everybody knows and loves. And it felt right – it felt like a lovely prize after working on shows with her for over 20 years, we got to showcase the very best when it mattered the most. She’s amazed me for all that time but never more than on that stage on that day last summer.

Kylie Minogue #Glastonbury

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